Why Do Vets Recommend Royal Canin?

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Why Do Vets Recommend Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a brand of pet food that is often recommended by veterinarians.

There are several reasons why vets may recommend this brand:

  1. Nutritional benefits: Royal Canin foods are formulated to meet the specific needs of different pets, based on size, age, breed, and more. They are highly digestible, which means pets can absorb more of the nutrients they need.
  2. Quality ingredients: Royal Canin only accepts ingredients from validated suppliers who undergo regular, comprehensive audits. They choose their ingredients first and foremost according to their nutritional benefits, and evaluate their nutrient quality and digestibility, how they are processed, and their safety for pets.
  3. Veterinary support: Royal Canin has a team of over 400 veterinarians, nutritionists, and behaviorists from around the world who work together to develop their products1. They also offer feeding programs and technical support to veterinary professionals.
  4. AAFCO feeding trials: Foods that have gone through AAFCO feeding trials are considered the best. Royal Canin is one of the brands that has gone through these trials, which test the food’s nutritional adequacy.

Please note that not all veterinarians recommend Royal Canin, and there are other high-quality pet food brands available.

Some people have criticized Royal Canin for using controversial ingredients such as maize (corn) and hydrolyzed animal protein.

However, the brand has a wide variety of products to choose from, so pet owners can find a formula that works for their pet’s specific needs1

So in short, vets may recommend Royal Canin because of its nutritional benefits, quality ingredients, veterinary support, and AAFCO feeding trials.

But make sure you do your own research and consult with your veterinarian to determine the best food for your pet.

How does Royal Canin ensure the quality of their ingredients

Royal Canin ensures the quality of their ingredients through a series of strict measures and processes. These include:

  1. Fully traceable ingredients: 100% of incoming raw materials are analyzed, and a sample of each is kept for two years. This allows Royal Canin to trace every raw material back to its origin for the full duration of the product’s shelf life.
  2. Rigorous raw ingredient inspection: Royal Canin enforces rigid safety and quality standards at each step of production, from raw ingredient inspection to product shipment.
  3. Nutrient-first approach: Royal Canin evaluates all ingredients based on their nutrient quality, digestibility, processing, and safety for pets. This ensures that only high-quality ingredients are selected for their products.
  4. Global buying procedures: Specialist buyers worldwide use the same selection and purchasing processes for raw materials, ensuring consistent high nutritional standards across all products.
  5. Quality raw materials: Royal Canin chooses ingredients based on their high nutritional content and the health benefits they deliver to pets. They make efforts to source raw materials from accredited suppliers close to their production centers, which supports local economies, ensures freshness, and reduces their carbon footprint1.
  6. Consistent manufacturing processes: All Royal Canin factories follow the same gold standard processes for raw materials, manufacturing, quality, and food safety, ensuring safe and high-quality products worldwide.
  7. Testing: Royal Canin conducts testing on incoming ingredients as well as finished products to validate nutrient composition, vitamin, and mineral components5.
  8. Quality control: Royal Canin prides itself on quality control, using methods such as special testing magnets and metal detectors to ensure there are no metal fragments in the kibble.

By implementing these measures, Royal Canin is committed to delivering safe, high-quality, and nutritionally balanced pet food products.

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