When Do Golden Retriever Testicles Drop?

Updated in June, 2024 | By Emma Olson
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When Do Golden Retriever Testicles Drop

Golden Retrievers are a breed of dog that is known for its large size and friendly temperament. As with all breeds of dogs, there are certain things about their anatomy and physiology that are unique to them. In the case of the Golden Retriever, one of the most notable features is the fact that their testicles do not drop until they are around 18 months old.

This can be confusing for new dog owners, as it is not something that is typically talked about when considering getting a dog.

It is important to be aware of this fact if you are considering getting a Golden Retriever, as you will need to be prepared to handle the situation when the testicles finally do drop.

In general, there is no set time frame for when this will happen. Each dog will develop at its own pace, and there is no way to predict exactly when the testicles will descend. However, in most cases, they will drop within a few months of each other.

If your Golden Retriever has not had his testicles descend by the time he is 18 months old, it is recommended that you take him to the vet for an evaluation.

There may be a medical reason why they have not dropped, and if this is the case then treatment may be necessary. In most cases, however, there is nothing wrong and the testicles will eventually drop on their own.

It is important to note that even though the testicles have not dropped, your Golden Retriever may still be able to reproduce. Therefore, it is vital to have him neutered if you do not plan on breeding him.

Overall, understanding the unique anatomy and physiology of a Golden Retriever can help ensure their health and well-being. Keep in mind that their testicles may not drop until they are 18 months old and be prepared to handle the situation if necessary.

And remember to have your dog neutered if you do not plan on breeding him, regardless of his testicular descent.

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