How Often Should You Brush a Poodle?

Updated in May, 2024 | By John Robert
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Poodles are a popular dog breed known for their hypoallergenic coat and unique hairstyles. However, to maintain their coat’s health and appearance, regular brushing is necessary. But how often should you brush a poodle?

How Often Should You Brush a Poodle

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of poodle grooming and answer this question.

Importance of Brushing a Poodle

Before we discuss how often to brush a poodle, let’s first understand the importance of brushing. Poodles have a thick, curly, and wiry coat that can easily tangle and mat. When their coat is not properly groomed, it can lead to skin irritation, infections, and discomfort.

Regular brushing helps to remove loose hair, prevent tangles and mats, and distribute natural oils throughout the coat.

Additionally, brushing can help identify any lumps, bumps, or skin issues that may need medical attention.

Factors to Consider

The frequency of brushing a poodle depends on various factors, such as the length of their coat, their lifestyle, and their grooming routine.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding how often to brush a poodle:

Coat Length

Poodles have different coat lengths, such as puppy cut, continental clip, and sporting clip. The longer the coat, the more often it needs to be brushed. A poodle with a puppy cut may only need to be brushed once a week, while a poodle with a continental clip may require brushing every day.


A poodle’s lifestyle also affects how often it needs to be brushed. If your poodle spends most of its time indoors and has a low activity level, it may not need to be brushed as frequently as a poodle that spends a lot of time outdoors and is more active.

Grooming Routine

A poodle’s grooming routine also affects how often it needs to be brushed. If your poodle gets a haircut every four to six weeks, it may not require brushing as often. However, if your poodle has a longer coat and does not get a haircut frequently, it may need to be brushed more often.

How Often Should You Brush a Poodle?

Based on the factors mentioned above, here are some general guidelines for how often you should brush a poodle:


Poodle puppies have delicate coats that require gentle brushing. You should brush your poodle puppy at least once a week to help it get used to the grooming process. As the puppy gets older and its coat becomes thicker, you may need to increase the frequency of brushing.

Adult Poodles

Adult poodles with shorter haircuts, such as the puppy cut or the teddy bear cut, can be brushed once a week. However, if your poodle has a longer coat, such as the continental clip or the sporting clip, it should be brushed every day.

Senior Poodles

Senior poodles may have more sensitive skin and require extra care when grooming. You should brush your senior poodle at least once a week, but be gentle and avoid pulling on their skin or coat.

Brushing Tips for Poodles

Now that you know how often to brush a poodle, here are some tips to make the grooming process easier and more effective:

Use the Right Brush

Poodles have a unique coat that requires specific types of brushes. Use a slicker brush to remove tangles and mats, a pin brush to remove loose hair, and a comb to finish the grooming process.

Be Gentle

When brushing your poodle, be gentle and avoid pulling on their coat or skin. Start at the head and work your way down to the tail, using short and gentle strokes.

Reward Your Poodle

Grooming can be a positive experience for your poodle if you make it enjoyable for them. Offer treats and praise throughout the grooming process to keep them calm and happy.

Check for Skin Issues

While grooming your poodle, check for any lumps, bumps, or skin issues. If you notice anything unusual, consult with your veterinarian.

Professional Grooming

If you’re unable to groom your poodle yourself, consider taking them to a professional groomer. They have the knowledge and tools to groom your poodle correctly and can provide additional services such as nail trimming and ear cleaning.


In conclusion, regular grooming is essential for a poodle’s health and appearance. The frequency of brushing a poodle depends on various factors such as their coat length, lifestyle, and grooming routine.

Generally, poodles with shorter haircuts can be brushed once a week, while poodles with longer coats require daily brushing. Remember to use the right brush, be gentle, reward your poodle, and check for any skin issues.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your poodle’s coat stays healthy and beautiful.


How often should I bathe my poodle?

You should bathe your poodle every three months or when their coat becomes dirty or smelly.

Can I use human shampoo on my poodle?

No, you should only use dog shampoo on your poodle. Human shampoo can irritate their skin and strip their coat of natural oils.

Do poodles shed?

Poodles are a hypoallergenic breed that does not shed much. However, they still require regular brushing to prevent tangles and mats.

Can I trim my poodle’s hair myself?

If you’re comfortable with grooming your poodle, you can trim their hair yourself. However, if you’re unsure, it’s best to take them to a professional groomer.

How can I prevent my poodle from getting matted hair?

Regular brushing and combing can help prevent your poodle’s hair from getting matted. Additionally, keeping their hair trimmed can make it easier to maintain.

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