Are Yorkshire Terriers Good With Babies

Updated in May, 2024 | By John Robert
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Yorkshire Terriers aren’t great with young children. Yorkie’s temper can flare up quickly. They often snap at children when they become frustrated. Nobody, not even kids, can talk nonsense to them. You can assist a Yorkshire Terrier in a situation where it is frustrated, however.

yorkies playing with kid

Do Yorkies Like kids

Yorkies are not all that much different than any other dog breed in terms of their like or dislike for babies. They will usually be gentle and tolerant with children, though they may not always enjoy the company of an infant.

Yorkies are often attracted to small animals such as rabbits, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs. While this can make them less desirable for families with young children, it could also serve to protect your child from being bitten by a larger animal should one get into the house unexpectedly.

Yorkie puppies might also have some trouble adjusting to life in a home with both adults and children because they are used to being the only pet wherever they came from before adoption. But if you put in time training them early on and they are always supervised around children – there shouldn’t be any problems.

No matter what size dog you have, it’s important to watch them and keep things like food and toys away from the reach of young children and infants. Dogs can get stressed out by loud noises such as crying babies and screaming siblings so once again, the best policy is to be cautious when kids are present.

I need help with introducing my Yorkie to my baby.

What to Look When Introducing a Yorkie to a Children

There are many other factors you need to consider when introducing Yorkies to babies

  • What kind of pup is your Yorkie?
  • Is your Yorkie a small dog like a Chihuahua or a bigger dog like a German Shepard?
  • Does the pet have any allergies that you know of?
  • Is this their first child?
  • Does the Yorkie have any habits that are particularly aggressive?
  • Is the baby in a crib or in your room with you when you sleep? If so, where do you think it’s safest for everyone involved to put the scooby snacks when you are not around to supervise?
  • Is the baby even able to crawl yet? If not, what do you plan on doing when they become mobile enough to crawl across floors?
  • How old is the pup – how long have they been in your family? -Does it like kids or strangers? (kids are fine but I’d want to know if it were adults in your home)
  • How does the Yorkie react to strangers in general? -How does it react when you’re not around and someone else interacts with it?
  • Does this pet/baby relationship come out of nowhere for the pup (like a sudden loss of a former owner or something like that), or is it more gradual?
  • How has baby’s behavior changed since bringing the dog home? How does it react around the pet now that you’ve introduced them to each other?
  • Does your Yorkie have any behavior issues that you know of (i.e. digging, chewing, pulling on the leash)?
  • What do you feed your Yorkie each day? 
  • Does it have a particular place in which it sleeps at night? 
  • Where do you think would be best for both the baby and the Yorkie to sleep at night?
  • How old is your baby? How long have they been around/crawling for?
  • What do you know about the pup’s parents, if it has any?
  • How does your baby interact with your Yorkie right now, with you there or not?
  • Do they go straight to the pup and pick them up, or do they crawl to it? 
  • Does your Yorkie have any aggression/discomfort issues when you’re not there with them?
  • Do they seem frightened of strangers?

Conclusion on Yorkies With Babies

Yorkies are a popular breed of dog because they’re small, intelligent and great with children. They have short hair that is easy to maintain and don’t shed much which makes them ideal for people who suffer from allergies like asthma or hay fever. Yorkie puppies will need time to adjust to your home before settling into their new routine but once they do you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t get one sooner! 

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